From OTAKU SUMMIT 2020 Committee Chairman

OTAKU SUMMIT 2020 Committee Chairman

OTAKU SUMMIT 2020 Committee Chairman
International Otaku Expo Association Chairman

Kazutaka Sato

I am Kazutaka Sato, Chairman of OTAKU SUMMIT 2020 committee and IOEA.

In this 21st centry, Anime and Manga are all over the world, Otaku culture is spreaded to everywhere. Now day we can find friend of Otaku every corner. This Japan-Born culture as a theme, we holded first "OTAKU SUMMIT" at 2015. The declaration of Otaku New Century which adopted in summit proclaimed that individual otaku culture evolved into world culture. And same time, as our hope, International Otaku Expo Association, IOEA was established.

IOEA started with 30 events in 17 countries, by now become a international organization with there are more then 140 events in 50 countries, supporting the world otaku culture.

In the summer of 2020, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Japan. The Olympics and Paralympics are not just sports festivals, but festivals of all cultures. This time, as the Tokyo 2020 Certified Cultural Olympiad, the event “OTAKU SUMMIT 2020” will be held in Tokyo Ikebukuro and the theme is "Past, Present and Future of Otaku Culture".

We are going to reveal how Otaku Culture is made and spread around the world by seminars and exhibitions inviting World wide academic Otaku professor and creators.

I am now invite everyone to OTAKU SUMMIT that shows Otaku Culture unite the world!