What is
OTAKU SUMMIT 2020, an event gathered by otakus from all over the world, will be held as “the Tokyo 2020 Certified Cultural Olympiad” for the Tokyo Olympics, co-hosted with Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

The aim is to bring the wave of otaku globalization from Tokyo to the world, to spread the concept of otaku culture = “OTA CULTURE” to the world, and realize “world peace through otaku culture”.

  • We are going to provide a place in Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo for international exchange through the keyword OTAKU, to gathering people and event organizer from around the world who love Japanese otaku culture, such as manga, anime and games.
  • In this place we setup exhibits, academic conferences and seminars related of otaku culture. We try to introduce peace diplomacy by Otaku culture from Toshima, Tokyo to wolrd wide and acquire Japanese fans.

Project Overview (exhibition)

Place:Exhibition Halls D, Bunka Kaikan Bldg
World Expo Exhibition

Otaku events organizer from more than 120 events in 47 countries and regions will exhibit booths, display own event informations and distribute pamphlets for publicize. In event period, you might be able to meet event organizer and cosplayers from all over the world too.

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Project Overview (seminar / session)

Place: Hareza Ikebukuro Multi-purpose Hall, Small Hall and Conference Room
International Otaku Conference

We will hold World Otaku Conference!
Domestic and foreign otaku Culture researchers talk about academic and artistic side of Otaku culture. We plan to invite world wide scholars and industries.

OTAKU SUMMIT Special Symposium

Conference also invite well-known manga, anime, game professionals, and take talk session about Otaku culture.

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Otaku Expo Meeting

OTAKU SUMMIT 2020 gathered event organizers around the world.
We are going to resolve "World Otaku Peace Statement" of the people, by the people, for the people, for who love Japan, and widely sent to the world. It will be posted to the participation event website.

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-Tokyo 2020 Official Cultural Olympiad

“OTAKU SUMMIT 2020” has been authenticated as Tokyo 2020 certified cultural Olympiad.

Tokyo 2020 Cultural Olympiad will take place during four year preparation until Olympic and Paralympic. In this Olympiad, prefectures and region holding events which activate region and re-recognition, inheritance and development of Japanese culture that all people can participate and promote the Japanese culture to all over the world.

For detail please see Tokyo 2020 Participation Program

International Cultural Exchange City "TOSHIMA"


Toshima district is developing city with imagination and creativity of culture and is a sustainable development city attract domestic and foreign people include residents, workers and tourists to become [World Art and culture City].

Holding OTAKU SUMMIT is to realize international exchange and peace activities through otaku culture. Summit become a chance of transmit the international art and culture city TOSHIMA to the world.